The EVVE system verifies identity quickly and powerfully by matching against United States birth certificate databases. EVVE is the sole source for this capability. No other private or federal database contains this data. In cases where a birth certificate is in hand, EVVE allows for immediate confirmation of the document’s legitimacy. 

Authorized EVVE users send an electronic query to any participating vital records jurisdiction to either verify the contents of a paper birth certificate or to request an electronic certification instead of the paper birth certificate. An electronic response from the participating vital records jurisdiction either verifies or denies the match with the official records. The EVVE system will also flag responses in which the person matched is deceased, an important step that prevents fraud. EVVE is the one-stop destination for validating vital birth and death records. No other system provides access to a more complete set of vital records than EVVE.


To learn more about EVVE or EVVE FOD, please contact the NAPHSIS EVVE team, cost savings and fraud prevention await. We can provide your agency with a product demo, pricing information, references, and technical details. 




Federal and state agencies rely on birth certificates for identity, proof of age, proof of citizenship, employment identification, benefit eligibility, and document origination (e.g. driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, and passports). Many state and federal agencies actively utilize EVVE to improve business operations and customer service, and to protect against fraudulent activities. Our customer portfolio includes:

  • Social Security Administration

  • Office of Personnel Management

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Medicaid Offices

  • Department of Homeland Security - USCIS

  • Department of State - Passport Services Fraud Prevention Offices

  • Department of State - Diplomatic Security

  • Army National Guard

  • Regional FBI Offices

  • Secretary of State Offices


Due to EVVE’s unrivaled access to secure, comprehensive, and rapidly accessible vital records, our customers experience the following benefits:

  • Real Time Access to Data

  • Deter Identity Theft and Fraud

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Save Time & Cost



The following map illustrates our capabilities, and are the most up to date versions available to NAPHSIS.




EVVE FOD is an innovative death matching system that matches against the most accurate death data in the nation: the death record databases of vital records offices. Using this system, users can send records to jurisdictions across the nation and receive matches in seconds, finding out who among the records submitted is deceased, and when and where they died. Ever since the Death Master File removed state protected records from its database, there has been strong demand for a new system that contains accurate death information. EVVE FOD is the answer. Currently, 44 states and jurisdictions are fully participating in the EVVE FOD system and many more are near full participation as well. 


An organization that has a valid need for death data and belongs to one of the categories of organization, listed below the map, may be credentialed to use EVVE Fact of Death. These are the current categories, though more may be added in the future.


Click to see which jurisdictions your category of organization will be able to access: 

Federal Admin  |  Federal Benefits   |   State/Local Admin   |  State/Local Benefits  | US Tribal Nations
Financial   |  Healthcare   |  Insurance  |  Pension/Retirement   |  Receivables


Currently, the primary public source of death information in the country is the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Death Master File (DMF). The public DMF originally contained over 89 million records and was created from death records that had been reported to the SSA. In November of 2011, SSA was no longer allowed to include state protected death records in the public DMF. As a result, the number of death records reported in the DMF was significantly reduced by approximately 4.2 million records, and SSA adds about 1 million fewer records annually, rendering the current public DMF incomplete and inaccurate. Jurisdiction vital records offices, on the other hand, do have current, accurate, and complete records of deaths that occur in their jurisdiction and are therefore; the only source for complete and accurate death information.

Due to EVVE Fact of Death's unrivaled access to secure, comprehensive, and rapidly accessible vital records, our customers experience the following benefits of EVVE FOD:

  • Real Time Access to Data

  • Deter Identity Theft and Fraud

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Save Time & Cost