The National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS) established the Triumph Award program to honor the excellence, dedication, and service of our professionals whose steadfast efforts have contributed to the advancement and the improvement of the vital records, vital statistics, and public health information. The NAPHSIS Triumph Awards recognize exceptional individuals and teams that have made a difference in the field and to membership. These awards honor leadership in the NAPHSIS fields, reward contributions that strengthen core functions, build our knowledge base, recognize potential, promote excellence, prepare future NAPHSIS professionals, advance the field of vital records and health statistics, and strengthen public health.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star award recognizes and encourages the best of the new talent in the vital records and/or public health statistics and information systems arena. Established in 2006, it honors gifted and promising new professionals who embody great hope as we look to the future development of vital records, public health statistics and information systems.

Past Recipients of the Rising Star Award


Terra Abrams  |  District of Columbia

Shining Star Award

The Shining Star Achievement award recognizes the best of the talent in the vital records, vital statistics, and/or public health statistics and information systems arena. Established in 2008, it honors gifted professionals who embody great dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm for the work. This award may be given for onetime extraordinary achievements or for a career (active or in active) that is making or has made a difference in vital records, vital statistics, and/or public health statistics and information systems field.


Past Recipients of the Shining Star Award


Mary Huynh |  New York City

Comet Award

The Comet Award recognizes and encourages the best efforts in jurisdictional operations. Established in 2019, this award is intended for talented staff who work on the front-lines and behind the scenes day-to-day to make things happen. The award is intended for someone who we count on every day to assure that identities are protected, data is secure, and that core functions are accomplished efficiently, effectively, ethically, and legally.

Past Recipients of the Comet Award


Devon Priddle  |  Ohio

Constellation Award

The Constellation Achievement award recognizes the best team efforts in vital records, vital statistics, and/or public health statistics and information systems arena.  Established in 2011, it honors teams of professionals who embody great cooperation, teamwork, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm for the NAPHSIS mission. Teams may include members from a single jurisdiction, multiple jurisdictions, cross-jurisdictions, and teams that include jurisdictional non-jurisdictional membership.

Past Recipients of the Constellation Award


  • 2018-2019 NAPHSIS Registration Committee 

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Delayed Birth Registration Project – Joint Award to the Vital Records Offices of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

NAPHSIS Partner of the Year

This award recognizes an exceptional non-jurisdictional individual or team that works in collaboration with NAPHSIS members, the NAPHSIS Board of Directors, and NAPHSIS staff to accomplish NAPHSIS’s goals and advance its mission. Established in 2019, the award may recognize efforts and contributions over a long period as well as those that have produced quick results and positive outcomes. In short, the recipient could be a member of the NAPHSIS vendor community, a sponsor, a member of a partner organization or other agency.

Past Recipients of the NAPHSIS Partner of the Year


Elena (Bakker) Pierre-Louis  |  QuantumMark

Halbert L. Dunn Award

The Halbert L. Dunn Award recognizes those accomplished vital records and vital statistics professionals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of vital records, vital statistics, and health statistics during their career. Established in 1981, it honors Halbert L. Dunn, MD who served as Director of the National Office of Vital Statistics from 1946 to 1960. Dr. Dunn was instrumental in encouraging the individual vital records jurisdictions of the United States to establish a national association and played a major role in developing the resulting association, now known as NAPHSIS. The award is presented during a ceremony held at the Association’s annual meeting. 

Past Recipients of the Halbert L. Dunn Award
Delton Atkinson  |  North Carolina & NCHS & NAPHSIS

Glenn Copeland  |  Michigan

Jennifer Woodward  |  Oregon

Rose Trasatti Heim  |  NAPHSIS

Isabelle Horon  |  Maryland

Bruce Cohen  |  NCHS & Massachusetts

Stephanie Ventura  |  NCHS

Charles Rothwell  |  North Carolina & NCHS

Steven Schwartz  |  New York City

Marshall Evans  |  NCHS

Alvin Onaka  |  Hawaii

Harry Rosenberg  |  NCHS

Dan Friedman  |  Massachusetts

Joe Carney  |  West Virginia, Oregon & Colorado

Mary Anne Freedman  |  Vermont & NCHS

Lorne Phillips  |  Kansas

Dorothy Harshbarger  |  Alabama

George Gay  |  NCHS

Iwao Moriyama  |  IIVRS

Ray Nashold  |  Wisconsin

Jack Smith  |  CDC

George Van Amburg  |  Michigan

Garland Land  |  Missouri

Patricia Potrzebowski  |  Pennsylvania

John Patterson  |  NCHS

Margaret Watts  |  North Dakota

John Brockert  |  Utah

Margaret Shackelford  |  Oklahoma

W. D. “Don” Carroll  |  Texas

Irvin Franzen  |  Kansas

Carl Erhardt  |  New York City

Vito Logrillo  |  New York State

Loren Chancellor  |  Iowa & NCHS

Deane Huxtable  |  Virginia