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Naphsis Awards

Naphsis proudly acknowledges and celebrates the exceptional dedication and service of professionals advancing vital records, vital statistics, and public health information, with the Naphsis Awards recognizing outstanding individuals and teams making a significant impact in the field, benefiting both vital records/health statistics and Naphsis membership.

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Nomination Process

Nomination Accessibility

Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination during the annual nomination period. This involves completing an online form and providing supporting documentation. Self-nominations are welcome. All award nominees, except for the Partner of the Year and the Halbert H. Dunn Achievement award, must be professionals affiliated with an organization or jurisdiction that is a member of Naphsis.

Submission Process

When submitting a nomination, carefully review the criteria and choose the most fitting award. Ensure you provide ample detail, and if applicable, include examples of work and activities supporting the nomination. The Naphsis Awards Committee will assess and rate the information you submit, with the possibility of follow-up inquiries for additional details.

Nomination Form
Evaluation & Recognition

Naphsis will announce awards to its membership and recognize recipients at a meeting, event, or through virtual platforms. The Awards Selection Committee reserves the right to determine the final award categories. They may choose not to present an award in a specific category if a candidate of sufficient merit is not nominated.

Award Categories & Descriptions

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Early Career Professional Award
Outstanding Leadership Award
Excellence Award
Partner of the Year
Halbert L. Dunn Award