Verify Marriage Name Change Data On Demand

Naphsis partners with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help citizens conveniently change their name online after marriage without the need to visit an SSA field office.

Currently, the SSA offers an online application called the Internet-based Social Security Number (SSN) Replacement Card (iSSNRC). This convenient application allows applicants to apply for a replacement SSN card online, eliminating the requirement for an in-person visit to an SSA office.  

Additionally, iSSNRC enables adult U.S. citizens who do not need to report changes such as name, date of birth, or citizenship alterations, to conveniently request replacement SSN cards online. This can be done by completing an application and submitting data from their U.S. State-issued driver's licenses (DL) or U.S. State-issued identification (ID) cards as proof of identity.  

SSA then electronically verifies in real-time, that the applicant-provided DL or State ID card information matches:

  1. Data on the issuing State/Jurisdiction’s database for the document being verified  
  2. A current (i.e., unexpired) DL or State ID card

The SSA is working to enhance the capability and functionality of iSSNRC to accommodate customers who need to report and request name changes following their marriage. This is achieved by using an electronic verification system that accesses the marriage data held by the respective State/Jurisdiction (custodian of the record).  

In 2021, the SSA granted Naphsis the contract for the State Marriage Data Exchange System (SMDES), which aims to verify marriage data for their electronic name change system. Essentially, this system functions similarly to EVVE, but for marriages. When a citizen applies for a name change after marriage, the Naphsis system validates the marriage information with the relevant jurisdiction. If the marriage is confirmed as valid, the citizen can conveniently complete the name change process online, without the need to visit an SSA field office.


For more information about the iSSNRC system and eligible states, please click here.