The State of Digital Issuance

While vital records are the current backbone of identity issuance in a paper-world, they are not yet fully incorporated into a digital one. It is essential that the vital records community continue to lead these efforts, to evolve, adapt, and respond to the growing demand for digital services, despite the challenges that lay ahead.

To that end, Naphsis brought the vital records agency members together with industry leaders in identity services during the 2023 Identity & Security Conference—which served as a platform for education, discussion, and brainstorming together to tackle the challenges and identify opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of digital certification and identity verification services.

The conversation on digital issuance continued during the 2023 Naphsis Annual Meeting with presentations by Gretchen Van Wye & Jessica Borrelli (New York City), Shawna Webster (Naphsis, Executive Director), and Kellie Broxton (LexisNexis VitalChek). During the sessions, lively discussions ensued around topics including legislative language, technology, standards, fee structures and equity.

These in-person sessions provided a unique opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate and begin looking towards a future in which vital records are available in both paper and digital formats. At Naphsis, we’re using all of this feedback to help us create a bold, but realistic path forward in the Association’s next Strategic Plan.

To continue this essential conversation, gain insights into these crucial topics, and create a roadmap together, we will soon be asking for volunteers to participate in a Digital Issuance Steering Committee. If you are interested in participating, please contact: Monica H. San Miguel, Director of Business Development, Digital ID, Naphsis at

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