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Cohosted by NAPHSIS and the Division of Vital Statistics (DVS) within the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the Vital Records 101 Training took place in March 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky.


This 2-day event brought together 36 participants from 17 jurisdictions. The Vital Records 101 training is an annual program designed for state and territory staff who are new to vital records and health statistics. Topics covered include amendments, issuance, Model Law, data sharing, data quality improvement, legal considerations for Vital Records, available training, resources, and tools, the history and structure of NCHS and NAPHSIS, and more.


This year’s attendees had valuable time to share recent projects, wins and losses, and learn about the differences between the structure and statutes of various jurisdictions. In addition, during breakout sessions and group discussions, attendees had great rapport and camaraderie, sharing ideas and problem-solving around common issues and concerns.


The 2022 Vital Records 101 training was a success, and we are already looking forward to hosting it again in the future.

Vital Records 101: An Introduction to Vital Events and Statistics

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