NAPHSIS and the Division of Vital Statistics within the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) will cohost a training for newcomers to vital records and health statistics. Previously titled Vital Records and Its Administration, the title has been changed to "Vital Records 101".

Applications are required to attend and must be submitted prior to January 24, 2022. Email to receive an application.

Registration is free, but accepted applicants are responsible for their own travel expenses. 


Audience: Staff new to vital records and health statistics and staff needing a refresher.


Objectives: After this workshop, attendees will have:

  • a solid foundation of vital records history

  • understanding of the purpose/mission of NCHS and NAPHSIS

  • basic knowledge of vital records operations

  • understanding of the various legal aspects of vital records

  • knowledge about fraud detection and ensuring confidential information is protected

  • information on where to go for resources available from NCHS and NAPHSIS

  • established contacts in other jurisdictions for future networking and consultation


  • Vital Records - history, registration, and amendments and issuance

  • Legal aspects of vital records including model law and data sharing

  • Security and fraud prevention

  • National Center for Health Statistics - VSCP, importance of data, and how to improve data quality

  • NAPHSIS - membership and meetings, committees and workgroups, training and mentoring, and advocac

2022 Vital Records 101 Course

March 14-15, Louisville, KY