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August 1-2, 2022 in Bozeman, Montana

The 2022 Systems and Data Quality workshop was a collaboration between NAPHSIS and the Division of Vital Statistics within the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) designed for jurisdictional staff involved in systems, data quality, and modernization efforts. Hosted in Bozeman, Montana, the two-day workshop brought together 36 participants from 19 jurisdictions.


Several jurisdictions presented how they use their systems to improve data quality, garnering interest and ideas from attendees. Additionally, the workshop included many roundtable discussions, allowing participants to share their thoughts on various topics. Discussion ranged from jurisdictions' challenges and successes with modernization, how their systems helped improve data quality, where participants think the vital records community is headed and what is needed to improve functionality, processes, and infrastructure.


NCHS staff presented updates on their systems and data quality tools, along with their FHIR modernization efforts, emphasizing the NVSS Community of Practice and the ELC Cooperative Agreement. NAPHSIS Systems staff shared an overview of activities, including the latest update on FHIR modernization work, an overview of the Community Open-Source System Repository (COSY), and an IT road-mapping overview.


This workshop was the first of its kind offered by NAPHSIS and NCHS. Feedback received throughout the workshop attested to the relevancy and timeliness of the subject matter.

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