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September 2020 Monthly Newsletter

Executive Director Report - Shawna Webster

Dear NAPHSIS members, Last month we announced the launch of our new and improved Jurisdictional Database… have you checked it out yet? We are very excited to have this new central hub for all jurisdictional updates and information moving forward. This dynamic database now has filtering and sorting capabilities, making it easier than ever to find the exact information you may need! In addition to more functionality, the Jurisdictional Database is now grouped by lists/categories. Some of these categories are: birth record parentage, data use, general questions, sex designation, system details, and more.

The content in these categories can answer many of your questions, such as:

  • Parentage Legislation in other jurisdictions

  • Which jurisdictions are allowed to charge for sharing data

  • Birth Vital Events Volume

  • Requirements for gender designation in different jurisdictions

  • Public access details for different record types As we launch this new database we are open to your feedback. In fact, we would love to hear it! Email us at with any questions or comments on the new format. See something incorrect? Want to change your jurisdictions information? Editing rights need to be requested and will generally be limited to a few people from each jurisdiction. To get a jump start on editing your content, please email us at if you would like edit privileges. The old Jurisdictional Database will remain available for viewing until the end of this year.

Message from the President - Molly Crawford

For many of us, the calendar year creates a framework for administrative activities. Even in an atypical year such as this, it is important to maintain and keep the vital records office in order. Autumn’s beautiful colors are a reminder to me that I should be thinking about year-end administrative activities and assuring that our work plan is in order and ready to push into 2021.

One of the things we’ll be working on in Minnesota, is our strategic plan, our goals and objectives, and formalizing our values. We’ll align our own statements with the agency values centering on integrity, collaboration, respect, science, and accountability. Our hope is to have a sight-line from each of our staff to their unit, to our office, and then the agency. Having a strong framework for vital records operations helps everyone understand their role in working towards the same goals and under the same mission.

In addition we are integrating some simple but important Vital Records and Health Statistics Accreditation elements into our framework activities. It seems that it’s always more challenging to rally our troops around routine maintenance—for many, projects and new work are far more provocative and exciting. Although not so glamorous, we’re putting our resources toward getting our “house in order.”

First, before all the work begins, the leadership team—supervisors and me—will be updating position descriptions to include tasks and expectations for staff to have responsibilities and ownership for routine maintenance—to communicate that the work is important, to say “this is your job” and to hold everyone accountable. Then we’ll continue to establish standard operating procedures, assure that policies are complete and up-to-date, keep good administrative records, and other simple but critical aspects such as establishing and following file naming conventions, identifying types of documents and following the agency record retention policy including appropriate disposition. Nothing big—just the usual in a not so usual pandemic.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

Wednesday, October 14 @ 2pm ET 

VSCP Project Directors Call

Click here to register.


Tuesday, October 27 @ 3pm ET

Field Services Special Interest Group

Email us to join.


Thursday, October 29 @ 3pm ET

Systems Special Interest Group

Email us to join.


Thursday, October 29 @ 3pm ET

Accreditation Webinar

Registration info coming soon.


Wednesday, November 4 @ 3pm ET

Fetal Death Webinar

Registration info coming soon.


For any questions about NAPHSIS Events, please email Katey Frederking.

2020 Identity and Security Conference is going VIRTUAL

NAPHSIS is excited to announce that our Annual Identity and Security Conference will be taking place in a VIRTUAL format this year. While our original plans to meet in person this year will not be achievable due to COVID-19 we look forward to meeting virtually. This year's meeting will offer a variety of sessions to attend and will also include networking opportunities and regional meetings. 

The conference will now be taking place over the course of three days (Nov 30 - Dec 2). An updated agenda is available here. We will provide more information about the platform and registration in the coming weeks. For any questions, please contact Katey Frederking.


Speaker Search for ID Conference

The ID Conference closing plenary topic is "Identity Management in the Remote World: AKA the COVID Response." We are searching for jurisdiction(s) that would be interested in speaking during the session on their COVID response. Did your jurisdiction implement new policies? Did you use new technology to help with your COVID response? If so, we'd love to hear form you!

If you're willing to speak during the session, please email with your topic ideas.


Inter-Jurisdictional Exchange (IJE) Agreement & STEVE Agreement

The Inter-Jurisdictional Exchange (IJE) Agreement has been updated for 2021-2025. This agreement provides data governance for records exchanged between jurisdictions and with authorized data partners through the State and Territorial Exchange of Vital Events (STEVE) system. With this update, the STEVE User Agreement has also been updated to coincide with the IJE Agreement. Please review both documents, send all questions and signed agreements to

  1. IJE Agreement

  2. STEVE User Agreement

The IJE Agreement dictates that the jurisdiction of occurrence, or the sending jurisdiction, is the owner of the record, and maintains control over access to the record even when shared with another vital records office. The laws of the sending jurisdiction take precedence over the recipient jurisdiction(s), and sending jurisdictions may redact fields for additional data recipients and customize the filtering and routing rules through the exchange platform, STEVE.

Updates to the IJE Agreement include:

  • Definitions Section: mostly for clarity of understanding and transparency

  • Period of Performance

  • Terms and Conditions for sending jurisdictions

  • Terms and Conditions for re-release to local public health agencies

  • Making it more clear that the data received shall not be used for public record requests

Please return these documents signed as soon as possible, but no later than December 1, 2020. We know it can take time to have documents reviewed and signed, so please start this process soon.


South Carolina Job Opportunity

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control currently has a Vital Records Director/Assistant State Registrar job opening.

The person in this role will serve as the agency's point of contact for matters related to Vital Records and Biostatistics, and will:

  • Provide leadership, direction and supervision to the staff with emphasis on customer service.

  • Interpret and update policies, procedures and regulations related to office activities.

  • Chair the DHEC Institutional Review Board (IRB) and supervise the DHEC IRB Administrator. Assists with the selection of DHEC IRB members.

  • Oversee review of research requests for vital events.

  • Represent agency on local, regional and national boards/committees.

  • Structure and manage Vital Statistics in a manner that facilitates the effective and optimal use of resources (financial and human) and supports the Vital Records offices in the region.

  • Participate in visits to all DHEC regions on annual basis.

  • Act as custodian of the original records.

  • Provide supervision and guidance to Division Directors; conducts ongoing and scheduled meetings to promote communication and collaboration.

  • Serve as project officer on grants and other projects as required.

  • Participate in agency's data oversight committee.

  • Provide overall direction and consultation in complex statistical research projects and activities requiring sophisticated biostatistical and epidemiological techniques.

  • Develop and disseminate annual program reports.

The ideal candidate will have either a bachelor's degree with 7 years of relevant program experience or a master's degree with 5 years of relevant program experience.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please click here.


New Mexico Job Opportunity

The New Mexico Department of Health currently has a Vital Records Bureau Chief job opening.

This person in this role will manage and lead the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS). This position will provide leadership and management oversight of all bureau programs. The Bureau chief will assure ongoing public health surveillance and dissemination of birth and death data, regular oversight of budget, contracts, RFPs, and grants for the bureau. This position will provide supervision and workforce development for bureau staff and ensure that COVID-19 deaths are accurately reported; ensure residents continue to have access to the main BVRHS office to obtain birth and death certificates, while protecting both employees and residents. The ideal candidate will have an MPH along with 5 years of experience leading a vital records unit, including the supervision and management of at least 25 staff members.

How To Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit and complete an online application. 

This link will take you to the State of New Mexico job search where you may view all jobs available. In the search box, enter the job ID: 11222

Agency Contact Information: Heidi Krapfl (505) 476-3577


EVVE & STEVE User Groups

Sign up to participate in our new monthly EVVE User Group. This monthly hour meeting provides jurisdictional service and support with any EVVE or EVVE FOD issues, questions or concerns. We also have our STEVE user group meeting monthly for STEVE support, discussion and learning. Contact us at to sign up for one or both groups today.



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