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April 2020 Monthly Newsletter

NAPHSIS Annual Meeting Cancelled for 2020 After careful consideration, NAPHSIS has joined many of its other public health partners in a decision to cancel its in-person Annual Meeting this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the important role our members play in the ongoing response. 

Instead, NAPHSIS will offer a summer series of training and discussion webinars to deliver some of the content we had planned for this year’s meeting and to offer several opportunities for our members and partners to share information and best practices around the pandemic response. We will also be scheduling an online “Business Meeting” to ensure that we are in compliance with the association’s bylaws. This series is planned for June – August and we’ll be sharing more information on that soon.

Executive Director Report - Shawna Webster

As the coronavirus pandemic has continued to affect our home jurisdictions, NAPHSIS has been working hard to collect and share as much information as possible. Recently, NAPHSIS staff created the COVID-19 Office 365 group to facilitate conversation and sharing of relevant documents among the jurisdiction members only.

The functionality of the O365 group also allows you to email the COVID-19 group members, similar to a listserv with questions, documents, or to provide information regarding COVID-19. We hope you will find it helpful! Many of you have already shared great resources that we have added to the site. To access them, please click here.

As more states look to reopen, we want to make sure that the information we are providing is as up to date as possible.

  • Please provide information on how your jurisdiction is handling operations during the COVID-19 pandemic including potential re-opening on this formThis information will remain internal to group members only.

  • If you have any documents you would like to upload you may also do so in the O365 COVID-19 Group. Once you access the documents tab, click the "Upload" button on the banner to add your documents to the group.

  • To provide us with any updates on the status of your office and delays in processing, please click hereThis information will be made public.

Thank you all and stay healthy!

Message from the President - Molly Crawford

My sense of time has changed. It seems like years since the pandemic started and lifetime since NAPHSIS convened its last conference. And as irregular as it may be, vital records operations under Stay at Home Orders, are finding their rhythm and are becoming an odd new normal. I think we’ve all had to adjust, be flexible, creative, resourceful, and adaptable. Things are evolving at a pace that’s hard to follow, let alone get in front of it. Maintaining our core functions has been challenging. I know all of you are working harder than ever and I hope you are taking care of yourself. 

In the craziness of COVID-19, I’ve found some things to appreciate.

  • We’ve been presented a gift—Attention to what we do. Unlike any other time, there is great interest in vital statistics, specifically death records and the process to certify cause of death. It’s a teachable moment. We have an opportunity to bring awareness to our important work—to show how we train medical certifiers, how we build and use systems to standardize data collection and reporting, and how we maintain operations and continuity of services. This is what we do—what we’ve always done—there’s no surprise baked into the Final Guidance on certifying deaths due to COVID-19. 

  • We’ve got technology we can tap into to shift to virtual teams, electronic registration, online requests, and more. Almost overnight many of our offices seamlessly transitioned some or most of our staff to telework. We have closed public counters and have found new ways to provide service and support. And for some of us, medical certifiers are asking to sign up to use our systems instead of resisting and perpetuating the use of paper registration. 

  • We are responsive. We witnessed how quickly that the CDC can stand up a high quality webinar aimed at medical certifiers and approved for continuing education, about writing cause of death statements and certifying COVID-19 deaths. When we have to, we can move mountains.

  • Our staff and core functions are essential and others recognize the importance of vital records, the value we bring to public health and the role we play in helping the public get the services and benefits they need. Our Governors, elected officials, health directors and commissioners rely on us to provide them fast, accurate data to inform decisions that have huge impact and consequences for public health and the economy.

  • Our NAPHSIS network was strong and in place ready to connect us through this COVID-19 journey—to help us learn from each other, keep a pulse on emerging issues, and share successes and solutions to common problems. And, NAPHSIS, as a virtual office, was poised to support us with experienced and skilled staff who know what to do remotely.

  • We have options for connecting with others. Social media and choices of easy apps, texts, posts, and phone bring us together with friends, family, and colleagues. For the first time some families have used a virtual meeting platform to substitute for a holiday gathering or celebration. It’s amazing. And, even with all those slick technological options, I’ve heard from more than one person that they miss and crave real personal interaction—physical proximity. It gives me hope. We still need each other in real and meaningful ways.

Keep up the good work—take care of yourself. Stay healthy. Vital records needs you—we need you and all of us—for today and for the long haul of this uncertain new normal.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

Wednesday, May 13 @ 2pm ET May VSCP Project Directors Call Click here to register. _____________________________ Thursday, May 21 @ 2pm ET  STEVE User Group Call Email us to be added to the call _____________________________ Wednesday, May 27 @ 3pm ET Accreditation Webinar Click here to register. _____________________________ Wednesday, July 15 @ 3pm ET Fetal Death Webinar Series: Data Quality Issues for Fetal Death Click here to register. _____________________________ Tuesday, August 11 @ 2pm ET  EVVE and EVVE Fact-Of-Death Webinar Click here to register. _____________________________ Nov 30 – Dec 2 NAPHSIS Identity & Security Conference Washington, DC ______________________________ For any questions about NAPHSIS Events, please email Katey Frederking.

EVVE Data Center Migration

Because EVVE will be hosted at new locations, it will be necessary for each of you to adjust your firewalls. There will be new network addresses with which your jurisdiction’s EVVE SI will communicate with the EVVE Hub. It is imperative that you make these changes soon to ensure no interruption in processing EVVE transactions. 

We will send a more detailed email to the EVVE Primary Contact for your jurisdiction within the next hour, which should be shared with your IT Department immediately upon receipt. Please contact us with any questions or concerns:


STEVE Alerts

Sign up today to receive notifications and updates on STEVE! If you are a current STEVE User, your email should be on the notifications list already. If you have never received any alerts on STEVE and wish to, please sign up using this form.


EVVE Alerts

Sign up to receive notifications for your jurisdiction’s EVVE SI. The alerts may be customized to your needs, see this guidance document on how to configure alert settings for your jurisdiction. Available alerts include if your jurisdiction is up or down, if the hub is down, or when matches with deceased or follow-up indicators happen. It may be helpful to setup a rule on your incoming alert notifications to move alerts to a designated folder in your inbox. For questions or hands-on help, please reach out to us at


EVVE & STEVE User Groups

Sign up to participate in our new monthly EVVE User Group. This monthly hour meeting provides jurisdictional service and support with any EVVE or EVVE FOD issues, questions or concerns. We also have our STEVE user group meeting monthly for STEVE support, discussion and learning. Contact us at to sign up for one or both groups today.


EVVE Webinar Recording Available

In case you missed it, we have both the recording and the slides available from the Interjurisdictional Fraud Query tool and Report Menu webinar. NAPHSIS Membership Dues

Many thanks to those jurisdictions that have already submitted their 2020 dues! These payments are being put to work through the many NAPHSIS products and services supporting your offices. For those jurisdictions that have NOT yet paid their dues, please contact NAPHSIS headquarters to let us know your payment status.

As a reminder, jurisdictions that have NOT paid their dues will be precluded from fully-participating in upcoming training and meetings.

Each jurisdiction receives five agency memberships with payment of their dues. Jurisdictions that have paid their dues can review their list of current members on the Members Contact list. Over the course of the next few weeks, NAPHSIS will be reaching out to jurisdictions to verify your membership list. As a reminder, additional staff can be added to your membership for a per person fee of $50, and you can request an invoice that reflects these additional memberships by contacting Stephanie N'Garsanet.


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