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'TILL DEATH DO US PART: The value of Death Data in Public Health and Fraud Prevention

July 28, 2017

3:00 - 4:00 PM

The Gold Room

2168 Rayburn Houses Office building

Ice cream will be served


As headlines demonstrate-from the unexpected rise in death rates among middle-aged, white Americans due to substance abuse and suicide, to the rise in maternal mortality, to government waste due to improper benefits payments-death records collected and maintained by the states and territories serve critical public health, civil registration, and administrative functions. such records are essential in tracking life expectancy and addressing causes of death through public health interventions, and in stopping benefits payments to individuals who are deceased, or starting payments to surviving relatives.

This briefing for congressional staff and other stakeholders will provide important information about death records and how they are being used to promote and protect health, safety, and security. In particular, speakers will discuss how vital records are being used to fight the opioid epidemic and prevent fraud.

It is particularly relevant for congressional staff working on policies related to public health, research, immigration, homeland security and law enforcement, federal benefits, fraud and improper payments.

Speakers Include:

Shawna Webster Executive Director, NAPHSIS

Dr. Lou R. Turner

section Chief, Office of Chief Medical Examiner and state Laboratory of Public Health, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Elizabeth "Lou" Sadi

State Registrar, Office of Vital Statistics Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Michael Murphy

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Berwyn Group, Inc.

Jeffrey Drubner

President and Founder, Verus Financial

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