Job Opportunities in Vital Records

Health Program Associate

Connecticut Department of Public Health: Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

This Health Program Associate position will be responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating programmatic and financial aspects of contractors providing tobacco use prevention services statewide.  Responsibilities will include providing technical assistance to contractors and the general public as well as creating, maintaining, and updating resources to assure national best practices are in place. This position will serve as the program lead for youth prevention strategies and communications.

Job Summary

The specific duties and responsibilities of this generic class vary widely depending on the nature of the program and the current stage in its life cycle. Typical examples of duties include the following: serves as regional coordinator for a statewide health program or project with responsibility for developing and maintaining appropriate programs, projects and liaisons in their assigned regions; participates in planning, organization and implementation of a statewide health program by having responsibility for major components of program such as staffing, work assignment and distribution decisions; initiates and oversees public relations efforts; establishes and maintains relationships involved in program within agency and with other state, community or public agencies; assists division head in expediting program; prepares comprehensive reports on planning and progress of program; develops objectives so program functions within cost estimates; analyzes, evaluates and interprets data; advises and participates in formulation of task forces within or outside agency and coordinates activities so program is successfully accomplished; works with federal, state and community agencies on new, proposed or revised programs to clarify or develop objectives, determine method of integrating programs in agency operations and establish cost estimates; provides technical assistance to community agencies; assists in drafting of legislation and regulations; gathers fiscal and programmatic data on programs and participates in planning budget and programmatic aspects of program; may also be assigned to conduct health planning, program monitoring and grants management for particular programs; may be involved in approval of grants or projects; may speak publicly about program issues and develop information for public distribution; performs related duties as required.

Considerable knowledge of purposes, plans, objectives and programs of public health agencies including changing patterns of preventive medicine and environmental health; considerable knowledge of relationships between risk factors and evidence of health problems; considerable knowledge of changing aspects of social-medical philosophies; knowledge of research and evaluation design methodologies; knowledge of state and community organizations and programs involved in field of public health and medical care; considerable oral and written communication skills; interpersonal skills; considerable ability to plan, organize and direct a complex technical program; ability to analyze, evaluate and interpret data; ability to lead and train staff.


  • Seven (7) years of professional experience in a health organization.

  • One (1) year of the General Experience must have been in health care program administration, a health systems agency or other health care organization* in at least one of the following areas:

    1. grant writing or monitoring;

    2. formal program planning, development, management or evaluation;

    3. or program consultation


  • For State Employees this is interpreted at the level of Health Program Assistant 2. *Note: A health care organization is defined as a large multi-dimensional agency with responsibility for developing health programs.

  • Experience with health-related program grants and contract management, including overseeing the contracts process and reporting requirements

  • Experience using different methods to monitor fiscal and programmatic performance

  • Experience working with MS Office software packages (Word, Excel, other software or databases) to assist with tracking grants and contract management activities

  • Experience organizing resources, people, and processes to achieve desired programmatic outcomes

  • Experience conducting oral and written communications, including developing and delivering presentations to professional audiences

  • Experience developing relationships with stakeholders, including strong interpersonal skills to support health promotion activities, technical assistance, and to handle complaints from the general public

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Closing Date: 1/7/22

Epidemiologist III

Maryland Department of Health Vital Statistics Administration

This position will evaluate, prepare and disseminate vital statistics data for usage by health department personnel, policymakers, researchers, and the general public. This position will also analyze, investigate and interpret epidemiological and vital statistics data in order to determine any changes in trends.


Additionally, this position will recommend and prepare reports which describe the nature of problems identified from analyzing vital statistics data. Finally, this position will recommend investigations or special studies which are indicated from analysis of vital statistics data.


  • Master's degree in the field of Public Health from an accredited college or university, with a minimum of three graduate courses in Epidemiology and one graduate course in Biostatistics

  • Three years of experience as an Epidemiologist, after receipt of the Master’s degree.

  • Experience using the SAS software to manipulate and perform statistical analysis of health data.

  • Experience using ArcGIS software to map health data.

  • Preferred: candidate with Dr.P.H. or Ph.D. in the field of Public Health

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Closing Date: 1/10/22

Epidemiologist 3 (Infectious/Chronic Diseases)

Connecticut Department of Public Health: Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (MCH Epi) Unit

This position will report to the Epidemiologist 4 in MCH Epi Unit. This Epidemiologist 3 will serve as the Connecticut Birth Defects Registry (BDR) Coordinator.

Discover the opportunity to:

  • Maintain statewide surveillance through collecting information on birth defect incidence in Connecticut

  • Monitor trends and patterns in birth defect statistics

  • Conduct research studies to identify risk factors for birth defects

  • Promote education activities for the prevention of birth defects

  • Assist with the Title V Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment, evaluation of state programs, data linkages and analysis, and building surveillance for various maternal and child health indicators


Considerable knowledge of infectious and/or chronic disease processes; considerable knowledge of relevant disease processes which affect humans and animals; considerable knowledge of epidemiological methods; considerable interpersonal skills; considerable oral and written communication skills; considerable statistical skills including familiarity with mainframe and/or personal computer applications and interpretation of data; considerable ability to perform complex epidemiological investigations; considerable ability to carry out all aspects of data collection, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological data independently; some supervisory ability.

Job Summary

  • In the Department of Public Health and the Office of Early Childhood, this class is accountable for performing the most complex tasks as a specialist investigating infectious, chronic and non-infectious diseases and implementing disease prevention methods.

  • Supervises and is responsible for routine epidemiologic investigations

  • Assumes lead responsibility for carrying out complex or non-routine investigations

  • Develops and implements strategies for containment and control measures among identified high risk groups

  • Writes outbreak investigation and other technical and analytical reports

  • Collaborates in writing standard protocols for disease investigation, intervention and control

  • Develops questionnaires and other research instruments

  • Analyzes surveillance and outbreak data for trends and risk factors

  • Designs and implements workshops and training sessions and conducts in-service training

  • Prepares news releases relative to disease problems

  • Uses other statewide data banks to complement disease surveillance data

  • Assists with preparation of budgets, grants and contracts

  • Participates in development of program goals and objectives

  • Represents department at functions for health promotion and disease prevention

  • Speaks before professional and lay groups

  • Participates in performance evaluations of assigned staff

  • Carries out related duties including those of Epidemiologist 1 and 2 levels as assigned

  • May establish and maintain a working network with federal and state agencies, local health departments, hospitals and professional and lay groups to promote and facilitate disease surveillance, intervention and control

  • Performs related duties as required


  • Eight (8) years of experience conducting epidemiological investigations in a responsible technical or professional capacity.

  • Two (2) years of the General Experience must have involved conducting the full range of tasks in epidemiologic investigations including interviewing and performing trend analyses at or above the level of Epidemiologist 2.

  • Experience collecting, analyzing and interpreting population-based disease data and surveillance systems using analytical, statistical and other relevant software, such as SAS

  • Experience writing technical reports, fact sheets, and other written materials, in order to disseminate epidemiological data in a clear and succinct manner

  • Experience giving oral presentations in a clear and succinct manner to a wide range of audiences, using PowerPoint or other presentation software

  • Experience maintaining collaborative relationships with federal/state/local stakeholders in programmatic advisory bodies, coalitions, and committees

  • Experience with grant writing for federal or other funding opportunities to strengthen maternal and child health surveillance efforts

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Closing Date: 1/13/22

Statistical Services Supervisor

Maine Department of Health and Human Services

As the Supervisor Data & Research in Data, Research, and Vital Statistics you will supervise the Statistical Services Unit operations and staff. You will be responsible for providing programmatic oversight to the data collection systems at this Maine CDC office, assuring data is available for the general public and stakeholders statewide. You will serve as a liaison to other states, regional and federal agencies, local communities, and municipal records systems. Responsibilities include the general administration of Maine’s data system for the registration of vital statistics, and ongoing health surveys.

Job Summary

  • Ensure that data collections methods follow established guidelines to ensure statistically and methodically sound research

  • Oversee and participate in program grant writing

  • Provide or direct the provision of data collection methods, analytical techniques, and dissemination of data

  • Conceive, design, and implement research efforts for the purpose of intervention, policy development, program planning, management, and evaluation


An eight (8) year combination of education, training, and experience in research, statistics, health planning, sociology, public administration, information technology, or management including two (2) years in a program administrative or supervisory capacity.


Preferred candidates will have: 

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  • The ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a diverse group of internal and external partners.

  • Computer skills, including knowledge of databases and statistical software such as SAS.

  • Ability to understand, interpret and clearly present and disseminate data

  • Ability to manage grants, contracts, and data sharing agreements.

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Closing Date: 1/17/22