Job Opportunities in Vital Records

Florida Department of Health

Director of Medical and Health Services

This individual will be responsible for all supervisory duties including, but not limited to, hiring and selection, developing performance plans, conducting performance appraisals, planning, and directing their work, approving leave, and taking disciplinary action as appropriate.


This position is responsible for providing policy direction, coordination, management and supervision of departmental strategic planning activities, including needs assessment, policy analysis and performance monitoring; program performance measurement and evaluation; community health assessment and heath improvement planning; vital records and statistics, the analysis and application of health data and statistics for program assessment, performance improvement and performance based budgeting activities within the department. The position represents the Department on legislative and inter- and intra- departmental issues pertaining to the above functions and related policy issues.


This position provides direction, coordination and supervision of strategic planning, community health assessment and heath improvement planning, performance measurement, and program performance evaluation functions within the Department of Health. These functions involve the analysis of health status, health outcome and health services data (staffing patterns, client, service, expenditure and funding data) used for program planning, federal and state reporting requirements, budget allocations and budget requests, program evaluation, and the development and monitoring of program outcome and performance indicators. These functions include the direction, coordination and technical assistance given to headquarters and local staff in the development and monitoring of the departmental and local strategic plans; program performance tracking and evaluation of program goals and objectives; and the analysis of program and client data used for program assessment, evaluation and performance-based budgeting.


  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective verbal and written communication.

  • Knowledge of the principles, methods and techniques of training or instruction.

  • Ability to supervise people.

  • Ability to determine work priorities, assign work, and ensure completion of assignments.

  • Ability to review work for accuracy and quality of content.

  • Ability to train others.

  • Ability to assess employee work performance.

  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

  • Ability to utilize problem solving techniques.

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Job closes: July 8, 2022