EVVE FOD (also referred to as Fact of Death), operated by the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS), provides customers with the ability to quickly, reliably, and securely discover if a death record exists. Electronic inquiries from authorized users can be matched against death records from state and jurisdiction owned vital record databases nationwide. An electronic response from the state or jurisdiction either verifies or denies a match within a matter of seconds, and returns the date of death as well as the place of death. No other system on the market provides access to a more complete set of state and jurisdiction owned vital records than EVVE FOD. We can help you understand who can use EVVE FOD and the benefits of EVVE Fact of Death.

Currently, 41 states and jurisdictions are fully participating in the EVVE FOD system and many more are near full participation as well. We expect to have all 57 states and jurisdictions fully participating in EVVE FOD within the next few months.

To see if your organization can use EVVE FOD, see WHO CAN USE EVVE FOD? below. If interested, please contact us for additional details.


Currently, the primary public source of death information in the country is the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Death Master File (DMF). The public DMF originally contained over 89 million records and was created from death records that had been reported to the SSA. In November of 2011, SSA was no longer allowed to include state protected death records in the public DMF. As a result, the number of death records reported in the DMF was significantly reduced by approximately 4.2 million records, and SSA adds about 1 million fewer records annually, rendering the current public DMF very incomplete. Jurisdiction vital records offices, on the other hand, do have current, accurate, and complete records of deaths that occur in their jurisdiction and are therefore; the only source for complete and accurate death information.


Need to know which states and jurisdictions your organization will be able to access? Select the appropriate category below.

Federal-Admin | Federal Benefits | Financial Healthcare Insurance |
Pension/Retirement | Receivables |State/Local-Admin | State/Local-Benefits




Due to EVVE Fact of Death's unrivaled access to secure, comprehensive, and rapidly accessible state and jurisdiction vital records, our customers experience the following benefits of EVVE FOD:

  • Access to Real-Time Death Data

  • Streamlined Business Process

  • Support in the Fight Against Fraud

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Significant Cost and Time Savings


The system is simple yet powerful. To use, a customer submits a single or batch query, typically on the EVVE Fact of Death web page. The EVVE Fact of Death System will then distribute these queries to each participating jurisdiction’s electronic vital records registration systems, based on the approved business categories described below, to search for a matching death record. Since it is not known if the person being queried is deceased, and if so where and when the death occurred, the EVVE FOD system sends the query to every state and jurisdiction, and then assembles and delivers the responses back to the requester. 

A response is received within moments for a single query, and minutes for a batch query. A large batch query of many millions of records could take minutes or hours, depending on the amount of records and complexity of the query.

Once the query has been completed, any matches found will return the date of death as well as the place of death. Depending on where the event occurred, more or less detailed information may be returned.

The Insurance Regulatory Settlement Agreements also specify the criteria that must be used when determining matches. These criteria include SSN exact matches, and several FUZZY matches based on first name, last name, date of birth and SSN. The EVVE FOD system incorporates these matching requirements to help produce the best response.


An organization that has a valid need for death data, and belongs to one of the following categories may be credentialed to use EVVE Fact of Death. These are the current categories, though more may be added in the future:​

  • Federal-Benefits

  • Federal-Admin

  • State/Local-Benefits

  • State/Local-Admin

  • Pension/Retirement

  • Insurance

  • Receivables

  • Financial


The EVVE FOD system is managed by LexisNexis VitalChek, and uses public key / private key encryption technology to ensure incoming requests and outgoing results are secure. LexisNexis VitalChek adheres to all major InfoSec standards such as PCI-DSS, SOC 1, and SOC 2.
Currently, many state and federal agencies actively utilize Traditional EVVE Fact of Death, on which EVVE FOD is built. The Traditional EVVE FACT of Death portfolio includes:

  • Social Security Administration

  • Office of Personnel Management

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Medicaid Offices

  • Department of Homeland Security - USCIS

  • Department of State - Passport Services Fraud Prevention Offices

  • Department of State - Diplomatic Security

  • Army National Guard

  • Regional FBI Offices

  • Secretary of State Offices


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Results from EVVE FOD come from carefully maintained death databases, but inaccuracies may occur. EVVE FOD matches against millions of records across the nation and is updated continually. Though very rare, a person matched as deceased may not be deceased. Also, the absence of a match does not guarantee that a person is alive. ​

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