9:15 Basic Advocacy: Communicating with Policymakers 
Emily Holubowich, Cavarocchi, Ruscio, Dennis Associates, LLC
Colby Bower, Chief Legislative Liaison, Arizona Department of Health Services
1:30 Innovations: Sharing Ideas, Successes, and Lessons Learned
Ron Hyman, Colorado
Sarah Hargand, Oregon
Melissa Gambatese, New York City
Lindsey Hall, Maricopa County, Arizona
Liva Nohre, PhD, and Megan Eguchi, Maricopa County, Arizona
Shin Y. Kim, PhD, Division of Reproductive Health, CDC
Alvin Onaka, PhD, Hawaii
8:30 Welcome, Announcements, and Introductory Remarks
Moderator: Jennifer Woodward, PhD, Oregon, and President, NAPHSIS
Dr. John Molina, Phoenix Indian Medical Center
10:30 NCHS Welcome
Moderator: Jennifer Woodward, PhD, Oregon Center for Health Statistics, and President, NAPHSIS
Delton Atkinson, Acting Director, Division of Vital Statistics, NCHS, CDC
Charles Rothwell, Director, NCHS
11:00 Partnering to Improve Data Quality and Birth Outcomes
Moderator: Steve Schwartz, PhD, New York City
Joyce Martin, NCHS , CDC
David Justice, NCHS, CDC
Karyn Backus, Connecticut
Colleen Fontana, Rhode Island
Isabelle Horon, DrPH, Maryland
Elliott Main, MD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology California Pacific Medical Center
1:30 Partnering in Security: The Sovereign Citizen Movement
Moderator: Sue Bordeaux, Oklahoma
Kenneth Bramlett, Georgia
Sue Bordeaux, Oklahoma
Gary Thompson, West Virginia
8:30 Making Statistical Connections
Moderator: Glenn Copeland, Michigan
Mark Flotow, Illinois
Khaleel Hussaini, PhD, Arizona
Stephanie Ventura, NCHS, CDC
Claire Hoffman, PhD, Center of Excellence, Canandaigua VA Medical Center
Sally Curtin, NCHS, CDC
Daniela Nitcheva, South Carolina
Phyllis Reed, Washington State
10:30 Surveillance Teams
Moderator: Robert Anderson, PhD, NCHS, CDC
Paul Sutton, PhD, NCHS, CDC
Elizabeth Begier, MD, New York City
Terri Mack, California
Anne Castles, California Maternal Data Center
12:30 Electronic Health Record Connect-a-thon
Moderator: Michelle Williamson, NCHS, CDC
8:00 HIE — Partnering to Exchange
Moderator: Rich McCoy, Vermont
10:30 Breakout Sessions
1. Security Issues
Moderator: Chuck Hardester, NAPHSIS
Larry Nielsen, NAPHSIS
Chuck Hardester, NAPHSIS
Robin Rodriguez, Arizona
2. Business Planning
Moderator: Mariah Pokorny, South Dakota
Janice Houston, Utah
The EVVE Experience: Developing a Business Model and Marketing Plan
3. Tribal Health 101
Moderator: John Mosely Hayes, DrPH, TEC, United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.
John Mosely Hayes, DrPH, TEC, United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.
1:30 Breakout Sessions
1. Social Media
Moderator: Judy Moulder, Mississippi
Judy Moulder, Mississippi
Jennifer Tweedy, Arizona
Greg Crawford
2. Dialogue with Leadership: EVVE, Fact of Death, and the Death Master File
Moderator: Jennifer Woodward, PhD, Oregon
Rose Trasatti Heim, NAPHSIS
Lou Saadi, PhD, Kansas
3. Challenges in Birth and Death Registration
Moderator: Julie Kowaleski, NCHS, CDC
Ron Hyman, Colorado
8:00 Closing Speaker
Moderator: Jennifer Woodward, PhD, Oregon
Wanda Barfield, MD, Division of Reproductive Health, CDC
9:00 Partnering to Improve Data Quality and Birth Outcomes (Part II)
Moderator: David Justice, NCHS
Becky Russell, March of Dimes
Dr. Wanda Barfield, Division of Reproductive Health, CDC
Kelly Friar, Ohio
Michelle Osterman, NCHS, CDC