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Electronic Systems

This is the homepage for the Electronic Systems projects currently in progress at NAPHSIS. These consist of the Electronic Birth and Electronic Death Registration Systems, and STEVE. For additional information on these projects, please see the links below.
collapse Subject : Electronic Birth Registration Systems (EBRS) ‎(5)
 Cooperative Agreement for State Vital Statistics Improvement
 Recent Electronic Vital Registration System RFPs
 Electronic Birth Registration System Development Map
 Electronic Birth Registration Documents Library
 Electronic Enumeration at Birth User's Guide
collapse Subject : Electronic Death Registration Systems (EDRS) ‎(5)
 Electronic Death Registration Systems Project
 Recent Electronic Vital Registration System RFPs
 Electronic Death Registration System Development Map
 Electronic Death Registration Documents Library
 Online Verification of SSNs Software Download
collapse Subject : National Model ‎(2)
 Requirements for a Model Vital Statistics System
 Use Cases and Artifacts
collapse Subject : State and Territorial Exchange of Vital Events (STEVE) ‎(20)
 Guide to STEVE Documentation
 An Overview of the STEVE System
 STEVE Summary
 STEVE Certification Map
 Inter-Jurisdictional Exchange of Vital Records
 Process for Electronic Inter-Jurisdictional Exchange of Vital Records
 STEVE System Technical Overview
 Depicting STEVE File Layout Usage
 STEVE Filters for Approved Data Partners
 Certification for Sending Data to NCHS via STEVE
 Certification Helpful Hints
 Key Technical Points on STEVE Certification with NCHS
 STEVE Quick Reference Tutorial
 STEVE TM User Manual
 RENVSS Naming Conventions
 Instructions for Replacement Flag Use in IJE File Layouts
 STEVE Mailbox Creation
 VSCP Corrective Action Plan Guideline
 Training Webinar: STEVE Filter Configuration and Mailbox Training
 Sharing IJE Data with Approved Data Partners
collapse Subject : Web-based Data Query Systems (WDQS) ‎(1)
 Issues in Evaluating Health Department WDQS